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School Bus: The Final Frontier

The school bus is an icon of education. From the standard yellow to the trippy buses of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and the Partridge Family, the school bus has been one of the most standard and recognizable parts of going to school. Young kids marvel at the flat front buses, wondering if their…. read more

Vote in Your School Elections

Today, all across New Jersey, school budgets and school board memberships are being voted upon. Our position regarding the current elections here in NJ, and for all states, is that the most practical vote is a vote FOR the budget. What the average voter does not realize is that the majority of the money spent…. read more

I’d Take a Veteran Teacher Over a Younger Teacher

Let me say right off the bat that I am 37 years old and have been teaching for 13 years. I consider myself to be neither “young” nor “old” – I’m right in the middle. Now that that’s out of the way, I feel a need to say that younger teachers are overrated. I’m not…. read more

A Most unScientific Study: Educational Video Games

An informal survey of 8 high school freshmen revealed that seven of the 8 recalled playing “educational video games” when they were younger. Of those three categorized the games as “cool” while the other four labeled the games “lame.” More important than their opinions of the games, however, are the clarity of their recollection of…. read more

How Moving Impacted My Kids’ Schoolwork

Buying and selling a home is one of the more wonderful yet stressful events in a person’s life. Recently my family did both. The stress was made even worse by the timing of the move, in the middle of the school year which increased the impact on my children My kids, as many do, are…. read more

A Most unScientific Study: People Pleasing

A pair of informal surveys given seven days apart to the same class of 25 tenth-grader students yielded contradictory results despite having common questions. The only significant difference between the two surveys was that one required students to write their name on the top while was completed anonymously. The surveys each consisted of 30 seemingly…. read more

The SATs Are NOT For The Stupid

There has recently been some controversy about a question appearing on the Scholastic Aptitude Test this year. It’s an essay question that asks the test taker this question about reality shows, “Do people benefit from forms of entertainment that show so-called reality, or are such forms of entertainment harmful?” Of course, the question goes into…. read more

Man Buying Apples Problem

An old bit from Sesame Street. As multimedia becomes more prevalent in classrooms, this is a great video to share with classes of all grade levels. Besides the entertainment value, you can use this as a springboard for additional exercises: Can students write an expression to model all the man is saying? If the price…. read more

Math Movie Pictograms

This image is one of three quizzes asking you to figure out movie titles expressed as math pictograms among the comics at spikedmath.com. The other quizzes can be accessed by clicking these links: Quiz 2 Quiz 3. If you aren’t already familiar with the site, Spikedmath.com hosts regularly updated math themed comics and is well…. read more

School Picture Day 3.0

Today is Spring Picture Day at my child’s school. This, of course, should not be confused with Class Picture Day or Fall Picture Day, nor should one forget that End of Year Picture Day is just 2 months away. For some reason, my child’s school district has decided that we need 4 opportunities each year…. read more

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