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God Bless the Child

One of the favorite shows of my kids is Tru TV’s World’s Worst. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a clip show where low level celebrities make “funny” comments. I’ve watched it with them once or twice and that was all I needed. The most interesting part of the show is the collection of…. read more

Time Out

Child discipline is one of those topics that are deeply divisive amongst most people, like de-clawing cats and whether you should or shouldn’t put ketchup on your eggs, and I’ve often strangely found that the loudest and most vehement arguments extend from those without any offspring of their own. But then, one day they find…. read more

Blue Puppy

When my son was born in September of 2000, my mother spent a few minutes browsing the gift shop at Chilton Hospital. A small, simple blue puppy caught her eye – and this little stuffed animal was one of the dozen or so stuffed animals given to my son during that first week of his…. read more

The SATs Are NOT For The Stupid

There has recently been some controversy about a question appearing on the Scholastic Aptitude Test this year. It’s an essay question that asks the test taker this question about reality shows, “Do people benefit from forms of entertainment that show so-called reality, or are such forms of entertainment harmful?” Of course, the question goes into…. read more

School Picture Day 3.0

Today is Spring Picture Day at my child’s school. This, of course, should not be confused with Class Picture Day or Fall Picture Day, nor should one forget that End of Year Picture Day is just 2 months away. For some reason, my child’s school district has decided that we need 4 opportunities each year…. read more

Disappointed in Disney and Hannah Montana

Yes, yes… I now they are a corporation and a ficticious person, but none the less, I have been stewing for a while now over what I feel was a bad message sent to young Hannah Montana fans in the show’s final scenes. You can watch the final 6 minutes of the series finale here….. read more

I Love You More Than Cookies (and Donuts)

I said that once to my daughter. In fact, I’ve said it to her many times. She knows it means I love her a great deal, because she knows her Daddy loves to bake and to eat sweets. Cooking is fun for me, and it’s a social thing for me as well. I cook with…. read more

To Hug or Not Hug

I was recently at an inservice for a school district that was held by the Risk Management department. Among the items covered was the topic of hugging students. The district’s recommendation was that if you must give a student a hug, it should be the sideways, one-arm hug where the only contact is a pat…. read more

On Open Letter to the Parent of My Child’s Friend

Hi. I’m Jennifer’s mom. I think it’s great the way that Jennifer and your daughter, Olivia, get along so well. We are in a weird situation, you and me, in that our children are friends, but we hardly know each other. I know very little about you and the way you like to run your…. read more

Selling Overload: Children and Fundraisers

It is well into the 2nd semester of my son’s 4th grade year, but I was not surprised when he came home with paperwork for yet another fundraiser. “Be sure to sponsor your son/daughter [insert name of child here] in the annual Jog-A-Thon. Top prizes include a free year book and lunch with the principal!” This…. read more

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