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A Father’s Day Gift – The Green Lantern

In July 1983, at the age of 12, I bought my first comic book: Green Lantern #166. It was a great introduction to comics for me. Earth’s Green Lantern was summoned to combat three renegade lanterns: equal vs. equal. The same year, Flash vs. Reverse Flash and Batman vs. Manbat were going on in other…. read more

A Nearly Missed Moment

I’ve been playing street hockey in an Over-30 Men’s League for a little over four years now. I’ve had a handful of assists, scored in some pickup games, but never scored in actual game (I play defense, but the real reason is I’m not very good). Last night, my son asked if he could come…. read more

The 10 Stupidest TV Dads

It seems to me that, over the years, fathers on television are portrayed in one of two ways. They are either the thoughtful and caring father we all wished he had or they are a total moron. Here is a list of some of the most spectacularly stupid dads. 10. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) It’s…. read more

Blue Puppy

When my son was born in September of 2000, my mother spent a few minutes browsing the gift shop at Chilton Hospital. A small, simple blue puppy caught her eye – and this little stuffed animal was one of the dozen or so stuffed animals given to my son during that first week of his…. read more

Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Father, I Learned From James T. Kirk

Ever since I was allowed to make my own decisions, I have tried to emulate Jim Kirk. Whenever I have a tough choice to make I ask myself WWJTKD? When I became a father, I continued that practice and it’s helped out immeasurably. You can’t make everybody happy During his career, Captain Kirk has been…. read more

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