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A Most unScientific Study: Nutrition Bars

An informal survey of seven families with school age children revealed the following results. All 7 families allowed their children to eat “bars” (a category we defined to include “milk and cereal bars”, “granola bars”, and “health/diet/protein bars”). Only 2 of the families gave their children health/diet/protein bars. The reasons both families gave was that…. read more

Dad, You’re Killing Those Hot Dogs!

My kids are wise beyond their years in so many ways. At 5 and 8, they view the world with wonder and creativity. They seem to want the most fantastic explanations to be the true ones, and as such it should have come as no surprise when my kids yelled out “Dad, you’re killing those…. read more

That Green Jar of Peanut Butter

We’re not picky shoppers. We buy the cheapest (name brand) peanut butter we find. Usually Smooth/Creamy, and once in a rare while “Natural”. All things being equal, we lean toward the “healthy” looking variations – Simply Jif, for example. Lately we’ve been buying Jif with Omega-3 added. We do it, because we feel like we…. read more

A Most unScientific Study: Serving Sizes

An informal survey of 12 children ages 4 through 15 revealed some poor practices in terms of serving size management. 10 of the 12 children believed a 20 ounce soda bottle was “one serving” (the nutrition label says a serving of soda is 8 ounces, so the bottle contains 2.5 servings) 6 of the 12…. read more

A Most unScientific Study: Fruit Ignorance

An informal survey of 13 children ages 4 through 15 revealed a surprising lack of familiarity with fruit. Only 2 of the 13 children could name more than three types of apples Only 4 of the 13 children had ever heard a discussion of whether a tomato was a fruit or a vegetable None of…. read more

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