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This Aint Elementary School Anymore

Last Friday, my daughter made the jump from a K-6 elementary school into a 7-8 middle school. Her father and I did all we could to prepare her: clothes, school supplies, some summer “school work”, a number of talks about boys, peer pressure, “mean girls” and more. We made it a point to watch some…. read more

A Most unScientific Study – The End of School

An informal survey of ten teachers of Grades 2 – 6, revealed data which suggests education reform is not necessarily a matter of money, but of use of class time. 6 of the 10 teachers said they had stopped recording new grades for their students by May 20 8 of the 10 teachers said they…. read more

I’d Take a Veteran Teacher Over a Younger Teacher

Let me say right off the bat that I am 37 years old and have been teaching for 13 years. I consider myself to be neither “young” nor “old” – I’m right in the middle. Now that that’s out of the way, I feel a need to say that younger teachers are overrated. I’m not…. read more

School Picture Day 3.0

Today is Spring Picture Day at my child’s school. This, of course, should not be confused with Class Picture Day or Fall Picture Day, nor should one forget that End of Year Picture Day is just 2 months away. For some reason, my child’s school district has decided that we need 4 opportunities each year…. read more

To Hug or Not Hug

I was recently at an inservice for a school district that was held by the Risk Management department. Among the items covered was the topic of hugging students. The district’s recommendation was that if you must give a student a hug, it should be the sideways, one-arm hug where the only contact is a pat…. read more

A Most unScientific Study: Substitute Teacher Movie Days

We conducted an informal survey of 3 children in Grades 1 and 2 from two different school districts. All three of them reported watching a movie in school the last time they had a substitute teacher in class. Further investigation revealed some distressing data, even when taken with a grain of salt in that these…. read more

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