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Playdates on Xbox

“Mom, can I call Greg to see if he can play?” “Sure, hon, I can pick him up or drive you over in about 15 minutes.” “Oh no, I mean on xbox.” Virtual playdates have replaced real playdates for many tweens. I suspect there are multiple reasons behind this shift. 1) Kids schedules are so…. read more

Disappointed in Disney and Hannah Montana

Yes, yes… I now they are a corporation and a ficticious person, but none the less, I have been stewing for a while now over what I feel was a bad message sent to young Hannah Montana fans in the show’s final scenes. You can watch the final 6 minutes of the series finale here….. read more

On Open Letter to the Parent of My Child’s Friend

Hi. I’m Jennifer’s mom. I think it’s great the way that Jennifer and your daughter, Olivia, get along so well. We are in a weird situation, you and me, in that our children are friends, but we hardly know each other. I know very little about you and the way you like to run your…. read more

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