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In Case You Didn’t Notice, My Son is No Longer on Your Team

For the past four years, my son has been a member of the local swim team. That’s four years of summer, winter, and spring swimming seasons. That’s four $750 checks written for the pleasure of being a member of the team. That’s four years in which the coaches had a chance to learn that he…. read more

Cheerleading IS a Sport!

My daughter Nicole is a hardcore athlete. She is an All Star Cheerleader. All Star cheerleading is a competitive sport. It is different from “sideline” cheerleading, whose main purpose is to entertain the crowd and cheer for a team. All Star cheerleaders compete against other teams from around the state and country. They learn tumbling…. read more

When 4th Place is Better Than 1st Place

I’ve enjoyed 10 years of being my son’s idol. He wants to grow up and be the person I am: work at the same job, do the same activities, be the man I am. So many of the choices he makes stand out to my wife and I as having “what would Dad do?” in…. read more

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