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Following Up on the June 1 Post

On June 1, Today, Sea Shephard shared this video interview. Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com Whether you agree or disagree with Sea Shephard’s efforts and methods, we felt it was important to share this because it seems to lend some credence to Parent X’s concerns. What are your feelings about letting the internet create…. read more

My Daughter, the Pre-Teen Eco-Terrorist

Well, she would be, if I let her proclaim her love for Whale Wars the way she’d like to. Okay, okay… I have no idea if the FBI really does put people who donate to Sea Shephard or are active members of their support community on a terror watch list. In fact, I suspect they…. read more

Vote in Your School Elections

Today, all across New Jersey, school budgets and school board memberships are being voted upon. Our position regarding the current elections here in NJ, and for all states, is that the most practical vote is a vote FOR the budget. What the average voter does not realize is that the majority of the money spent…. read more

A Weekend Lesson in Kids and Politics…

Last weekend I decided to help a few members of the community by supporting an upcoming ballot measure regarding the local community parks. Thinking that it may be a good lesson for my kids to learn about issues facing their community, I bribed brought them along with me.  Reluctantly, they came along and went door…. read more

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