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An Advantage to Irregular Visits from Family

As is the case for most of you, Christmas and Thanksgiving brought my children, wife, and I together with some family members we don’t often see. I’m not proud of or pleased by that fact… but we simply don’t see my uncles, cousins, or even brother as often as I’d like.

One advantage is the fresh perspective they bring on the growth and development of my children.

My wife and I often worry that my son isn’t eating enough and grow concerned that is STILL weighs only 50 pounds (for what seems like 18 months now). Watching him play hockey three times a week, we often lose sight of how much better he gotten since last March. Similarly, my daughter’s progress at the drums is much more noticeable to those who see her monthly than to those of us who attend every lesson and hear her practice daily.

As much as I wish we could be together more often, I appreciate the attention our infrequent visitors bring upon the progress and accomplishments of my children. They are great kids and are deserving of recognition and praise. While I would like to give them their due, I sometimes lose sight of just how hard they work and how well they do.

So, this Christmas, I got the extra gift of a fresh perspective… and it was one of the best gifts I got.

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