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What to Let Them Watch This Fall

Every fall since my children have been alive, I have asked myself the same question, “Would I let my kids watch this show?” It’s a strange question because the answer is rarely a simple yes or no. The answers are usually a mix of the following…

“Yes, but I will never watch it because it sucks.” (America’s Got Talent)

“No way. That show is too stupid for anyone.” (Jersey Shore)

“Sure, but they won’t be interested.” (Men of a Certain Age)

“Yes, too bad, it’ll be canceled in a month.” (Flash Forward)

“No, that’s a little inappropriate, but I’m going to watch the hell out of it. (Breaking Bad)

Finding stuff to watch with your kids can be a daunting process. The only thing worse than having to watch some dumb show that they like is watching one of your favorite shows while they constantly talk about how dumb it is.

The good news is that as my kids get older, our taste in television get closer and closer. The weird part is how often I find myself enjoying shows that are made for people as stupid as them. I started watching Storage Wars because I thought it was an interesting show about businessman and treasure hunters, but after my kids watched it with me, I realized we were both enjoying a reality show about a bunch of dumbasses who argue over abandoned junk. Don’t even get me started on how much we both enjoy American Dad.

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