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The Lying Game

Well, ABC Family has done it again. Done what, you ask? Created another crappy TV show. This one is called The Lying Game.

The premise is a twist on The Prince and the Pauper. Twins are separated at birth. One is adopted by a rich family and the other grows up in a foster home. They find each other and the prefab poop hits the poorly constructed fan.

The worst part about the show is that it doesn’t even have a chance to be good. From the very beginning, it’s made clear that the poor twin, Emma, is in such a terrible situation with her creepy foster brother that it strains credibility. On the other hand, the rich twin, Sutton, leads an idyllic life and still yearns to find out who she really is. So much so, that she resents her adoptive parents for not being honest about her birth. I know about a thousand kids who would gladly trade places with little Miss Ungrateful.

The show begins it’s wackiness when Sutton goes to LA to track down their real parents, while Emma takes her place and lives her life. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, and by the way, this all happens in the first fifteen minutes.

This show has all the makings of a crappy teenage drama; one dimensional characters, bad acting, twenty five year-olds playing high school kids (the guy playing her boyfriend is twenty four) and to make things extra sad, the cast includes Adrian Pasdar in a role that is so far beneath him that it makes Miracles look brilliant.

I don’t know what constitutes a decent show over at ABC Family but what they’re offering these days, make me long for Kyle XY. That show was supposed to be science fiction.

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