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The 5 Worst Educators on Television

Ross Gellar (Friends)
What can you say about a professor who readily admits that most of his papers have been discredited? Unless Paleontologists are in short supply in New York City, I don’t see why any university would hire an educator who can be manipulated into giving students a better grade with a contrived tale of student/teacher lust.

Mr. Belding (Saved by the Bell)
I almost gave Belding a pass since he was seemingly the only adult to ever step on campus at Bayside High, but his sheer inability to resist being played by one of the biggest douchebags on television more than earns him a place on this list. Imagine if you had been able to access any part of your high school at any given time. Speaking for myself, I would have done something a lot worse than start a crappy band. Zack Attack? Really?

Peggy Hill (King of the Hill)
I understand that Peggy is working with a handicap, being from Texas and all, but you’d think teaching Spanish would be a breeze for someone from the Lone Star state. Instead, she not only fails as a teacher but she can’t even converse effectively. Has she never eaten at a Mexican restaurant?

Denzel Crocker (Fairly Oddparents)
Look, I get that most animated teachers aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. I also get that the basic concept of FOP is that all the adults in Timmy Turner’s life treat him like crap. However, don’t the other kids at Dimmsdale Elementary deserve a decent education? I mean, A.J. is a freaking genius already. He needs a teacher who can show him some guidance not some whack job that is only interested in imaginary creatures.

Simon Griffin (Boston Legal)
Anyone who watched Boston Public is well aware that the staff there left a lot to be desired. When the principal of the school is caught on video slamming a student against a locker, how can the teachers be expected to be any better? However, Simon Griffin wins the prize for worst public school teacher on TV. It doesn’t matter if the female student is over 18 years of age, YOU CAN’T GET INVOLVED WITH A STUDENT! What kind of a loser can’t wait a few months for his hot teenage girlfriend to graduate? With all due respect to Donnell and Associates, Griffin deserved to go to jail.

Honorable Mention
The Entire staff of Greendale Community College (Community)

I sure wish there was a school like Greendale in my hometown. I definitely wouldn’t have wasted my time and money on a real school, if I could get college credit for watching YouTube videos or playing pool. Hell, it seems that all it takes is a few well-placed insinuations about the Dean’s sexual proclivities and a student can blackmail his way to a diploma.

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