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Time Out

Child discipline is one of those topics that are deeply divisive amongst most people, like de-clawing cats and whether you should or shouldn’t put ketchup on your eggs, and I’ve often strangely found that the loudest and most vehement arguments extend from those without any offspring of their own. But then, one day they find…. read more

My Son, The Magic 8-Ball

I’m sometimes a bit sad that we missed all of our son’s “firsts”; you know, first step, first tooth, all that. We picked up our son from China two days before his 2nd birthday, which meant we were just in time for the “terrible twos”, so we had that going for us. But even having…. read more

The Most Precious Gift

I didn’t have much of a maternal instinct as a child. A tom-boy to the core, I largely ignored the myriad of dolls presented to me by my grandmother in an attempt to turn me into a “little lady”, along with her desperate need to stop me from whistling and biting my nails ragged. But…. read more

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