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Strange Disney Educational Films

The folks over at io9.com have compiled a list of six weird educational cartoons  produced by Walt Disney studios.

The topics include menstruation, malaria, smoking, drug abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. Most Perspectives readers will have seen “Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land” before, but the other 5 may be new to you.

Now, as un-Disney as these videos may seem, we are sure that at the time they seemed completely appropriate. Disney was (and still is) a trusted source of entertainment for children. Educational films were quite common through the late 70s, and Disney’s animation studios is one of the more respected production houses.¬† The videos may be made by disney, but they are generally mature and serious in tone, and it is certainly easy to see why someone would feel like producing, purchasing, or sharing these would be a good idea.

Like the actor who made zit cream commercials before becoming an action hero or the rapper who was class president back in the sixth grade, Disney has these videos in their past.

Are they not what we’d expect from Disney today?¬† Sure. Are they a bit odd, of course… but, no more so than those big bow ties and strange hair cuts from the 50s.

Check out the article at io9.com when you have a chance.


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