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Some Family Friendly Spin-Offs I Would Like to See

When one of our favorite TV shows goes off the air, it always brings sadness. However, many times, the silver lining in the cancellation is the birth of a spinoff. Sometimes it can be a great thing (Lou Grant), and sometimes the results can be less than ideal (Joey).

Here are some spinoff ideas that I would love to see.

The Taylor Brothers
After growing up in the same house as Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, you’d think his sons would have learned a thing or two about home repair. Well, you’d be wrong. After being reunited by the funeral of their parents, Brad, Randy and Mark Taylor (Zachary Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith) decide to honor the memory of their father by opening up a home renovation business with their inheritance. Sadly, their interest in remodeling takes a backseat to their love of girls, sports and controlled substances. Lucky for them, they have the sage advice of their partner Wilson Wilson III (Brian Bonsall) to help them turn a profit.

Christopher’s Crusade
During his life Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli) did plenty of things he was ashamed of and when he reached the gates of heaven, he had plenty to answer for. Fortunately, the powers that be have decided to give him a chance to redeem himself. Now he’s back among the living, helping people make the right decisions lest they head down the path that brought him to his fate. His only earthly contact, Father Phil Intintola (Paul Schulze) does his best to guide Christopher on his journey but ultimately Chrissy must make his own decisions in order to enter the kingdom.

Grace & Zoe
After the Manning girls graduated from high school, their parents Jake and Lily gave them a choice. They could live with their mother Lily and her new husband Rick in Chicago or they could move to New York with their father Jake and his child-bride, Tiffany. Deciding it was time to shake things up, they choose to hop a plane to Australia to see the world from the other side. With a little help from their landlady, Gretchen (Kristen Johnston) they live the life they had previously only seen in Paul Hogan films.

Frank Kowchevski: Truant Officer
When math teacher Frank Kowchevski becomes fed up with teaching slackers how to find the area of a rectangle, he decides to make a change in career to try and make a difference. Taking a position as the district’s head truant officer, he fights to keep kids on the straight and narrow. Since this job is too big for one man, Frank enlists the help of high school senior Bill Haverchuck (Martin Starr) to translate what “the kids” are talking about.

The Young Jason Gideon Chronicles
What is it that made Jason Gideon the enigmatic person he became? Watch and find out. See the events that turned a carefree young teenager into the sullen, contemplative FBI agent we came to know on Criminal Minds. See the part his parents (Michael McKean & Annette O’Toole) played in his transformation.

The Brian Tanner Mysteries
As a child, Brian was the closest confidant of Gordon Schumway (AKA Alf). As an adult, Brian spends his days and nights as a private investigator. With a lot of help from Alf, his associate inside Area 51, Brian uncovers the most complex government conspiracies. To satisfy the “hook” of the show, each week, Brian has a phone call with Alf while Alf disguises his voice. This allows different celebrities to guest star as the voice of Alf.

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