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S’more Order of Operations

Order of operations expression using smore recipe

This artwork was designed by “art101″ and sold on a t-shirt at http://shirt.woot.com back in 2010.  Unfortunately, the shirt is no longer available to purchase; however, the image remains an interesting way to introduce, explore, or revisit the concept of order of operations with your child(ren).

Novelty t-shirt sites are often home to imaginative ways of re-expressing ideas educators and parents wish to emphasize. Consider this Venn Diagram design from snorgtees.com,


There are many sites where you will find novelty t-shirts with clever puns and witty representations of concepts that children are learning. We do not endorse or have an affiliation with any of these sites or artists. Our intent is soley to bring to your attention the existence of this artwork.

[Please be advised: the links in this post will take you to images that ARE appropriate for all ages. However, if you explore other parts of the snorgtees or shirt.woot sites you MAY encounter a few designs with Spencers'-style suggestive humor which some people may consider inappropriate for younger children.]

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