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A Most unScientific Study: The Busy Signal

Last weekend, we conducted an informal survey of 5 couples with a total of 11 pre-teen children. We were shocked to learn that 9 of the 11 children have NEVER heard a busy signal. (The other two both thought the telephone was broken when they heard their first busy signals)

We were reminded of Jean-Christophe Laurence’s video of children from a school in Montreal, Canada attempting to discern the purpose of several bits of 80s technology (originally posted November 23, 2010 at cyberpresse.ca).

We had not given it much thought, but it IS understandable how the busy signal may be on the same path to extinction as floppy disks, Atari cartridges, and cassette tapes. When you consider that nearly every cell phone and most land lines now have call waiting, perhaps it is should be more surprising that 2 of the 11 children HAD heard a busy signal.

Have your children ever heard a busy signal before? What was their reaction?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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