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J2 Content LLC is an educational content development company, specializing in mathematics content but with resources available to assist in development for all subject areas.

J2 Content specialists average more than a dozen years of classroom experience and have created content, assessment tools, and curricula for a multitude of projects. They are skilled at adapting instruction to varied grade and ability levels, and our specialists are coached to produce material in your company’s house style.

J2 Content specialists can assist you in these areas and more.

  • content development
  • content editing
  • updating existing materials
  • adapting content for transfer to new mediums
  • adapting content for a new audience
  • curriculum revision
  • curriculum mapping
  • correlation of content or curricula to state or national standards
  • assessment tool development
  • assessment tool evaluation
  • supplemental resource development
  • analysis of content from other sources

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The world needs good teachers, and good teachers can be great with J2 Content.

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